Thanks to all the great technology out there, we are now able to offer our members a way to participate in meetings even if you can't physically attend.  All you need is a telephone or a computer with an internet connection.

Each month, we will set up a webcam at our meetings and allow members to log in for video conferencing.  If the member is unable to gain access to a computer, they can call in using any landline or cellphone for audio only.

The Post uses a free service that can be found at this website.  This website offers lots of information and tutorials about the services we are using.  You can learn more there about what teleconferencing is and how it works.

To get our specific video and teleconferencing information, use the Contact Us link.  You will need a specific web address for video conferencing.  For teleconferencing access, you will need a phone number and an access code.  However, once you get this information, it will be the same information every meeting.

Please keep in mind this is new and we expect to experience technical difficulties from time to time.  Please remain patient.  Feedback when using the new video and teleconferencing system is welcome!


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